ICAI Certified Copy Analysis

ICAI Certified Copy Analysis Program for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate & CA Final.

Yours Mistakes are better judged by Others always.
Do you want to know the reason of your Failure?

Call for your Certified Copy of Answersheet from ICAI & get it Analysed by our Expert Team.
Comments will be mentioned on Certified Copy about the following :

  • Where you are going wrong?
  • Where do you need to improve?
  • What are your repetitive kind of mistakes?
Know your mistakes so that you do not repeat in the next exam. Study Smart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to know the details about Mentorship.

Within 4 working days after you submit the paper.

We have a Team of Qualified & Experienced Chartered Accountants who checks your answersheets.Click here to meet our team.

No. Syllabus has been meticulously divided by us in 3 units. It cannot be Changed or Shuffled. You will find the syllabus for respective test series in the test detail webpage.

No, It’s not mandatory to write Unit Tests in sequence. You can choose whichever unit you want to write first & which one later, subject to availability of the Question paper.

FIRST OPINION Test Series is completely unscheduled. There are no standard date & time. However, it is advisable to have a schedule for better performance. Either You can prepare your own schedule or we can help you prepare the same, since it’s a part of Mentorship Program which is FREE along with the Test Series.

Once you enroll for a test-series, the timelines will be available on the dashboard.

Yes, you will get Amended Question Papers.

Yes, MCQs are covered in Unit Test (approximately 20%) as well as Full Test (approximately 30%, as per ICAI Standard).

Yes, Questions would be upto ICAI Mark. We include Meticulously selected, Conceptually strong & tricky Questions from ICAI Study Material, ICAI Practice Manual, Past Exam Questions , Past RTPs, Past MTPs, Questions from some Author’s Book and self-made questions as well.

No, you get only 1 chance to upload the Answersheet on the website. Make sure, you do it correctly. In case you made a genuine mistake while uploading, you may contact our Team & request for correction.

No, for CA Final,we do not conduct test for Elective Subject. Test Series is available for the rest of the 7 subjects.

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